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PCI-DSS Compliance is Essential For Your Business

Use Our PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Card Payment Services

for Your Peace of Mind

Now Compliant With the Latest: v 3.2

The security of our systems is independently assessed and constantly monitored by our Award-winning Cyber-security consultant organisation.


  • ​Our Payment Processing can be simply integrated with your website, with our fully web configurable Telephony services, or any combination of these to meet your business needs. Add auto-updating of your CRM program to substantially reduce your administration requirement. Available 24/7 so that you can focus on improving profitability and cash flow! Comprehensive reporting included!
  • PCI Compliant processing and call recording with calls routed to your sales staff, including homeworkers. Tokenisation for repeats and refunds

Concerned that you might not be compliant in respect of your data capture and storage processes but don’t want to change your Payment Service Provider? – Get in touch, we may be able to help!

Getting Started – Merchant Accounts

For us to be able to process payments on your behalf you must either have, or intend to obtain, a Merchant Account with one of the UK’s acquiring banks.

​An Acquiring Bank is one which has the facilities to be able to process card payments for the different Debit and Credit Card Schemes such as VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Maestro International and JCB.

​The Merchant Account is an agreement you have with the bank that allows you to process card payments and defines the basis on which it will be done.

​A successful application to them by you will result in the issue of a Merchant number which we can use to process payments on your behalf.

​Merchant accounts are generally of two types:

  1. Mail Order, Telephone Order (MOTO) – payments processed during a phone call.
  2. E-commerce – payments originating from web sites or payment pages.

​Both of this type of account are used when the Cardholder is not present at the retailer’s location when the payment is made. These are generally referred to as “CNP transactions”.

To enable that Merchant account for use with our payment service we allocate one, or more, Terminal ID numbers that identifies us as the specific payment provider with your acquiring bank.

There is no limit to the quantity of terminal IDs but it is usual to have one for each different application and service that we may create for you.

Multi Currency options

Whilst merchants in the UK typically trade using Sterling as the currency, there are merchants who take advantage of the Multi Currency options that are available particularly those businesses that trade within the Eurozone where the Euro is predominant.

​Options available include being able to pay the chosen currencies into designated bank accounts or to have it converted into Sterling by your acquirer.

​If you would like some help or advice please do get in touch either by phone, e-mail or the “contact us” form of this website.

​Merchant Location and Disclosure requirements

​Both MasterCard and VISA require that e-commerce and MOTO merchants must display the address, including the country, of their permanent establishment on their web sites at all points of interaction with the cardholder.

​A merchant web address or catalogue must be associated with only one merchant location.

​Note that URLs, Post Office Box numbers, server locations and unassociated warehouses do not meet the requirement. In particular the required details must be displayed on any checkout screen.

​It is NOT necessary to publish the house number or street where the merchant conducts business from their personal location.

​If the MOTO merchant does not have a web site the cardholder must be notified of the required details before a transaction takes place.


  • Call Centres
  • Technical Support
  • Vertical Markets
  • Charities
  • Bailiffs
  • Debt Collection
  • Local Government
  • Racing Tipsters
  • Tarot Services
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities​

Look at the Benefits of Using Telepay to Take Card Payments:-​        

  • Reduction in call centre staffing costs
  • Eliminate human error
  • 24 x 7 card processing
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Validates payment data
  • Automatically updates debtor software
  • Eliminate human error.
  • Full CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration.
  • Use your phone, computer or tablet to take card payments 24/7.
  • Fully PCI compliant systems.
  • Greatly reduce administration costs.
  • Card payments can be made by using any touch tone phone 24/7.
  • Automatic Integration with your existing customer record management back-office systems is done in real-time.
  • Email notifications of transactions.
  • Web interface for real time downloadable reports.
  • No need to change existing telephone numbers.
  • How Telepay Solutions Can Help Your Business
  • Accept payment from customers by AUTOMATED phone call.
  • Improve customer service and convenience.
  • Accept payments, 24/7 worldwide.
  • Decrease customer on-hold times.
  • Accept thousands of payments per hour.
  • Have the capability of an enterprise-level system without the equipment and programming costs.
  • Reduce staff costs.
  • Real-time credit and debit card processing.
  • Personalised scripting and voice prompts.
  • Bespoke validation routines.
  • Secure internet access to real-time transaction logs.
  • Automated export file with transaction history supplied daily.
  • Configurable IVR Telephony for greater flexibility.
  • Maintaining your existing merchant account provider.
  • Increased cash flow.
  • Enhanced productivity of current staff.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Extends payment receiving capability.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Unlimited number of telephone lines


How This Works
Callers are answered using your company name and proceeds to prompt your customer through each stage in order to make the transaction. Each of these stages being tailored to your own specific requirements allowing you to determine which options your customer/debtor is given and what information they receive.

Validation of your account references or outstanding invoice numbers is also built into the system.

Should a customer/debtor forget their unique reference number TELEPAY provide a “ Look Up “ facility in order to retrieve this whilst making the call.
This Telepay service has been approved for use by the following Acquirers on behalf of their merchants:
Barclaycard Business – Multicurrency.
HSBC – Multicurrency.
First Data Merchant Services – Sterling/Euro/$USD.
Lloyds TSB – Sterling/Euro/$USD.
Royal Bank of Scotland – Sterling.
Worldpay – Sterling.



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