An 0800 Freephone Number or Local Number will help your business to stand out from the competition.

  • Local Numbers 01/02
  • National Numbers 0845
  • Business Numbers 033
  • Freephone Numbers 0800

Not For Profit Numbers

Personal Security Numbers
07 – Free for life

Cost Savings
No More Expensive ISDN Lines and Hardware to purchase and maintain,

Intelligent Network (IN)

Keyline Communications provides a wide variety of Call Services and operates an Intelligent Network (IN) and which will enable any business to handle their inbound calls more efficiently and effectively.
There is no need to purchase a PBX system or other specialist equipment to automate or enhance your call handling, Keyline Communications does this on a Network level so you don’t have to worry about it.

Time of Day Routing & 24/7 Disaster Recovery

You can choose to have your calls routed to your office when you are open and to your mobile or an out of hours voicemail when you are closed. You can make instant changes at any time by logging on to the internet from anywhere in the world.

Key Features – Keyline Virtual Telephony

Reduces your business costs, no more expensive hardware to purchase.
Benefit from our National network of multi line telephony platforms.
Streamline your sales call handling with Keyline Virtual Switchboards..
Transfer your existing numbers to Keyline and benefit from 24/7 online administration
Peace of mind with Keyline 24/7 Worldwide Disaster Recovery

Receiving Calls
Stay in touch with your customers by routing inbound calls to your Mobile,Landline or as “ Hunt Group “. You can have up to four locations.

Call Whisper – Be informed before you take the call by Call Whisper.

Call Whisper plays a short message when the call is picked up, identifying the source of the call based on the number the caller dialled.

  • Improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by allowing you to tailor immediate responses.
  • Ideal for users with multiple numbers routed to one target number.
  • Essential for users with multiple businesses, but only one phone line

Voicemail Messages
For Out of Hours situations or should you become too busy to answer calls,the caller can be requested to leave a message on Keyline’s Voicemail System and this is forwarded in real time to your email address on your mobile device, computer or both.

Multi Pin Voicemail
“ Racing Tipsters, Technical Support, Pay as you play services “

We supply off the shelf and bespoke telephony services allowing your business to run more smoothly and enabling you to enhance customer services

Subscription Option
This feature allows you to take payment in return for allowing access to your support service.
You can do this for varying periods of time by setting the expiry date You can do this either manually or automatically if you have a credit card merchant account.

  • You are able to administer your service via the Internet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Keyline will allocate your Multi Pin Voicemail Service with the appropriate tariff that you request.
  • The Service has many features with the added ability to create, set live or change at any time an unlimited number of pin codes by calling the voicemail box on your allocated Keyline voicemail account.

    Online Call Statistics and Activity Reports are available in relation to each number activated 24/7.
    This Service is popular with Horse Racing Tipsters and Customers whose callers prepay Subscription Fees by card and is available using your choice of telephone numbers enabling credit and debit card payment processing by way of our in house Telephony Automated Credit Card Platforms.

    Your own Merchant Account with your acquiring bank is required

    It is possible for your customers to prepay your business by other methods by bank transfer or cheque, allowing you to credit their allocated service for them.

    Terms and Conditions apply.

Your office wherever you are!!