Reduce Your Business Costs

Throw away that fax machine !

Keyline offers the ability to deliver Fax in the alternative format of PDF.
This is a format widely readable on business PCs.
You may choose to present Fax as either a single PDF document or as a PDF per page.

You will receive a dedicated 0870 fax number that enables you to receive faxes by email or your online account using your computer, tablet or mobile.

Already have a fax machine?    –   Eliminate this expense while saving on fax line rental, fax supplies and office space.


We provide the service for free

Enhance your Eco Friendly footprint

Fax to Email Numbers are on the 0870 range

You pay no inbound call charges

Corporate Fax to Email

Provide each staff member with a number

Faxes are sent to you as PDF attachments

Save time and money – electronic faxes

Instant setup and service activation

Easy access on the go!!