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Automated Telephone Payments Secure 24/7 access

Keyline can provide you with a secure 24/7 automated telephone card payments solution.

The system is designed to make the payment process as easy and as quick as possible, increasing customer access and saving you time and money.

Automated Telephone Payments Secure 24/7 access

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How does the system work?

The customer is greeted with a series of automated questions and responds by pressing the appropriate numbers on their telephone keypad.

The system looks up the account details of the customer to find out their outstanding payments.

To make a payment, the customer enters their credit/debit card details and the transaction amount they wish to pay.

At the end of the transaction, the customer can request confirmation via SMS, post or email, subject to data availability.

Benefits at a glance…

Reduces costs;  Increases cash flow;  Expands opening hours through 24/7 access;  Increases security;  Reduces call queues;  Real-time transactions;  SMS text messaging for balance updates, transaction confirmation or receipts.

Why would your customers use this service?   Automated telephone payments are the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to pay an outstanding bill. Offering a 24/7 service means that the customer can simply pick up the phone to make a payment at any time of the day. Simple keypad presses on their telephone keypad means the payment process is straightforward and easy to use.

Benefits in more detail…

Each time you make a phone call or send a letter to a customer to remind them or inform them of a payment due, this has a cost to you, in both time and money.   By offering an automated telephone payments service, you save time and money! The two most common offered ways to make a payment are via the Internet or over the counter at the housing office.

Using their telephone keypad, the caller enters their card details to make the payment.   Payment is confirmed and processed.   The caller can now request a confirmation to be sent via SMS, post or email.

Everyone has access to the Internet and not everyone can get to the payments office within normal working hours.   However, with this solution all that is required from a customer is that they have access to a telephone.

Offering this method of payment means that customers are more likely to make their payments regularly and on time.

Customers wishing to make a payment will no longer be put in a queue to speak to a person, which cuts down their call time and frees up your telephone lines.

This solution does not require you to employ more staff or extend staff working hours, and yet it does extend your opening hours to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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