How allowing your customers to contact you via a Freephone Number could give your business a boost

Keyline provides Virtual Freephone 0800 Business Telephone Numbers free of all service charges during year one, you only pay for your calls.

In year two we will request a monthly service charge of £5 in addition to your call costs.

Call Keyline UK Customer Services today on Freephone 0800 077 6311 or Email for your Freephone 0800 Number (s)

When you’ve worked hard to get your business started up, the last thing you need is for your company to start losing money because your customers are put off by an expensive telephone number, or through missed telephone calls.

A virtual business telephone system is the ideal way to solve these issues as it will provide a cheap, reliable and professional way for your customers to contact you. Introducing a Freephone 0800 number will enable your customers to call your company as many times as they wish, without the worry of how much the calls are costing.

All 0800 numbers can be re-directed to a either a landline or a mobile or as a ” Hunt Group ”

How do free 0800 numbers work?

An 0800 number allows customers to contact a company directly without any cost to them. The costs for the calls can be bundled into a monthly package, much like a mobile phone contract, except you are paying for incoming minutes. The number can be re-directed to either a landline or mobile of your choice, with the peace of mind that the number can be changed easily by you via your own secure online web portal so new phones or office moves will no longer have an impact on your contact information.

Research suggests that providing an 0800 number to your customers can increase enquiries by as much as 175%, so it can be well worth the small investment.

How does your business benefit?

A professional business phone number will give your customers confidence, as this implies that your company is a large, renowned and well-established organisation.

Along with the number, your new non-geographic phone number will feature a complete call management package. This will include:

… Voicemail

Introducing a professional voicemail system will mean that even if you are not available to answer any calls, the caller will be greeted by a voicemail message that is unique to your company. Any voicemails can be listened to remotely, or delivered to your email inbox as an audio file in real time.

… Welcome message

When someone calls your business number they will be greeted by a welcome message, which can be personalised to your company.

… Auto-attendant

An auto-attendant will allow your customers to be forwarded to the correct person or department, this will bring an end to time spent answering calls that were meant for a different person or office.

… Fax-to-mail

A fax-to-email service will mean any communications via fax are delivered straight to an email address of your choice as a file attachment. This can then be stored electronically, without the need to waste paper and time scanning documents to your computer.

In addition to all of the above, you can gain access to call statistics and call recording. You can listen back to any calls made on your system, and view call logs which contain information such as how long calls are lasting. All of which will significantly increase your company’s level of customer service.

Keyline is a leading specialist in call management services and non-geographic virtual business telephone numbers operating from three UK sites and one in Dublin.

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